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How To Use FuelSnap To Order Home Heating Oil Online

All you need is a credit card!

Check out the tutorial below to learn how easy it is to order Home Heating Oil with FuelSnap! You don't need a Smart Oil Gauge, just internet access and a credit card.

Do you have a Smart Oil Gauge? Click here for a tutorial on using FuelSnap with a Smart Oil Gauge.

Step 1: Go to

How To Use FuelSnap, Step 1 - Shopping for Home Heating Oil by Location
  1. Enter your zip code
  2. Click the 'View Prices' button

Step 2: Choose a Dealer

How To Use FuelSnap, Step 2 - Review and Compare Heating Oil Prices with Local Oil Companies Near You
  1. Choose how many gallons you want
  2. Pick a delivery date
  3. Click the Dealer Row to continue

Step 3: Login, Register or Skip

How To Use FuelSnap, Step 3 - Log into FuelSnap Home Heating Oil App
You can login, register an account or just continue as a guest.

Step 4: Enter your Tank's Location

Heating Oil Tank Setting in FuelSnap Application Interface
  1. Tell the company how to contact you
  2. Tell the driver where to go

Step 5: Finish Tank Information

FuelSnap Home Heating Oil Mobile App Checkout Page with Missing Fields
  1. Make sure they can find the right house
  2. Tell us how big the tank is
  3. Click 'Save' to continue

Step 6: Review Dealer

Review and Compare Heating Oil Prices with Local Oil Companies Near You
If dealers weren't visible before, they are now! Choose your dealer again now that you know who it is.

Step 7: Enter Billing Information

Order Home Heating Oil Online - FuelSnap Checkout Section
  1. If same, copy tank address to billing address
  2. Otherwise, enter billing address here
  3. Enter Credit Card number, expiration and CVV
  4. Click 'Done' to continue

Step 8: Review, Then Slide to Submit

How To Submit Your Online Home Heating Oil Order with the FuelSnap App
  1. Review order total
  2. Drag the oil droplet from left to right to submit!