Frequently Asked Questions About FuelSnap

Is FuelSnap free to use?

Yes! FuelSnap is free to use. Simply enter your e-mail address and zip code, and choose from our qualified, participating fuel oil dealers to get fuel delivered right away. We may send you some promotional e-mails or reminders to reorder oil online, but you can opt out of these at any time.

How can I pay for my home heating oil order?

Payments are all made via credit card at the time of order. Your card will be stored securely for future purchases so you’ll only have to enter it once.

How do I use FuelSnap?

You can use FuelSnap directly from, or if you have a Smart Oil Gauge you can access FuelSnap right in the Smart Oil App! For instructions, visit This Tutorial, or This one if you have Smart Oil Gauge.

Is there a minimum home heating oil delivery amount?

For most dealers, the minimum is 100 gallons. If a dealer has a lower minimum delivery amount, you will see that amount as one of the options when you are checking prices.

What if I order more than my fuel oil tank can hold?

If it turns out your oil tank will take less than you ordered, you will be credited for the amount that was not delivered. Keep in mind though, that if the delivered amount is in a higher price-per-gallon tier, you may be charged the higher price-per-gallon on the gallons delivered. If you install a Smart Oil Gauge® on your oil tank, it will automatically check that you are ordering just the right amount of oil at any given time.

When will my home heating oil be delivered?

Our participating fuel oil dealers endeavor to make deliveries by the ‘Deliver By’ date you select. Once they receive the order from you and schedule the delivery, you will receive an e-mail informing you when they plan to arrive at your house. Occasionally things happen though (e.g. bad weather, breakdowns, etc.), so make sure you are ordering with enough fuel in your oil tank in case something happens! For most homes, ‘Reorder at a quarter’ is a good approach to live by. When your tank gets to ¼ full, check FuelSnap and order oil online!

Do I need a Smart Oil Gauge to use FuelSnap?

No, you do not! However, you’ll find that having the Smart Oil Gauge not only keeps you from wondering how full the oil tank is, it also gives you piece of mind knowing you’ll receive alerts when the oil tank is getting low. Plus, the Smart Oil Gauge will tell you EXACTLY how much to order to fill the fuel oil tank. No more surprises when the home heating oil delivery truck shows up. Oh, and it also tells you how much fuel you’re using per hour…day…month…year….and is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Does someone have to be home for my oil delivery?

Some fuel oil dealers require a one-time oil tank inspection upon your first delivery. This will be indicated on the checkout page, and the dealer will contact you to schedule the delivery when you are home once you place your order.

I love the idea of cutting the cord with Automatic Delivery. But what about my Service Contract?

As it turns out, there are actually HVAC service companies all over the Northeast that offer service contracts WITHOUT requiring you to buy your heating oil through them. Many such contracts offer 24/7 emergency service, discounted rates on parts and labor if something needs to be replaced, and a free tune-up of your system at the start of the season. If you do not want, or cannot find a service contract where you live, then speak with your local HVAC company about 24/7 emergency service. You may find that even if you end up having a technician out in the middle of the night, you’ll still be paying significantly less than you would have paid to be on automatic delivery.

Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

Depending on when your delivery is scheduled, you may be able to cancel your order after it has been placed. You must contact your dealer directly by phone to have the order cancelled. Contact information for your dealer is provided on your order confirmation email.

What happens if a dealer cancels my order?

If a dealer is unable to fulfill your order for any reason, the dealer will cancel your order as soon as possible. If a dealer cancels your order, you will receive a full refund of the initial order amount and will be able to place a new order with a different dealer right away.

Where has FuelSnap been all my life?

We feel the same way. But it’s finally here, so enjoy!