The FuelSnap Story

How FuelSnap Reinvented Home Heating Oil Online for Homeowners

Welcome to FuelSnap! We’re so happy to have you come along and help as we rethink the home heating oil industry.

FuelSnap has emerged after years of developing better ways for homeowners to manage their heating oil. It started back in 2016 when we realized there needed to be a better way to keep track of heating oil, rather than simply relying on a float gauge or automatic home heating oil delivery. With that in mind, we introduced the Smart Oil Gauge® - the first device of its kind to allow homeowners to track their heating oil tanks from their phones.

Fast-forward a couple of years and we’ve built an entire company dedicated to the cause. Smart Oil Gauge is now available in hundreds of HVAC supply houses around the country and has freed up thousands of homeowners from having to worry about oil, or lock into unpredictable automatic home heating oil delivery contracts.

With FuelSnap, life has gotten even easier – you can now check local oil prices for heating oil right in the app, or from our website, and reorder at the touch of a button.

FuelSnap saves you time by showing you which home heating oil companies are available, how much they’re charging, and when they can make the delivery. No more calling around to check pricing or wondering if the oil you ordered has been delivered.

We hope you love FuelSnap and look forward to hearing from you once you’ve tried it! Any suggestions? Send them our way at .

Happy heating!

Steve & Joe