Introducing the Smart Oil Gauge Duo

Merry Christmas Smart Oil Gauge users! Some of you might be opening up your first Smart Oil Gauge today! This new gauge of yours will give you the ability to access your usage and oil level at the tip of your fingers! Now, put down your Christmas coffee and take out your camera because, we’ve recently welcomed a new gauge into the Smart Oil Gauge family of devices. A couple of weeks ago, we added the Smart Oil Gauge Duo to our shop. We’ve made a plethora of adjustments to the device with the inclusion of the Duo. The biggest change is no blind spot! We are especially excited about that. In this post, I’ll be going over all of the things that the Duo has to offer!

This is the new Smart Oil Gauge Duo! As you can see, it looks slightly different than the standard Smart Oil Gauge. You’ll immediately notice that on the bottom there are two sensors. One of the sensors sends date, while the other receives it.

No More Blind Spot

The best part about the Duo is that there is no blind spot! For those of you who have been using the Smart Oil Gauge for several years or so, know about the blind spot. It was located on the top eight inches of the tank and would often cause the gauge to read less oil than what was actually in the tank. In the duo, there is no blind spot!

To ensure that there is no blind spot in this gauge, we’ve designed the Duo’s dual sensor base. The dual sensor base allows the gauge to both send and receive readings at the same time. It accomplishes this by both sensors working together. One sensor sends a signal down to the oil level, while the other receives the signal. We’ve designed it this way so that we can ensure that the gauge is as accurate as possible.

Operating Range

The standard Smart Oil Gauge has an operating range of 8″-72″. As previously mentioned, the original gauge had an 8″ blind spot where the gauge would read less oil in the tank than what was there. However, the Duo now has a larger operating range due to no blind spot! With the blind spot, the previous Smart Oil Gauge only had a 6-foot operating range. Now the Duo has a 0″-72″ inch operating range! With no more blind spots, the gauge now has a larger range of operability!

As shown in the above graph you’ll see all the changes made to the Smart Oil Gauge Duo from the previous gauge. These include operating range, detection range and adapter compatibility.

Sensor Compatibility

The Smart Oil Gauge Duo is compatible with all the same tanks that the original device is compatible with. These include your standard heating oil tanks of 275 and 330-gallon tanks, with the addition of the various-sized Roth Tanks. However, it is important to note that both the Duo and the regular Smart Oil Gauge are incompatible with Roth 1500L tanks. This is because these tanks also have an interior support baffle that prevents the gauge from sending the signal down all the way. The sensor will pick up the baffle in the middle and will not be able to read past half a tank.

In regards to compatible tank fitting sizes, the Duo is currently not compatible with tanks that have 1.25″ fittings. This is because the sensor on the bottom of the Duo is too big and the Duo can’t fit through the narrow hole of the adapter. Additionally, the Duo requires a separate adapter compared to the original Smart Oil Gauge. This is because the bottoms of both gauges are completely different and each requires different inserts to send the signal properly.

Troubleshooting the Duo

One of the best parts about having the Duo is that you can take out the electronic innards to troubleshoot it. For example, say that your gauge went offline because you got a new router. If your tank is outside, you’ll be able to go outside and take the interior of the Duo out and bring it inside! This way, you’re able to troubleshoot from inside the warmth of your home!

No longer will you have to worry about going down to your crawl space or standing outside in the cold winter weather to troubleshoot your gauge! You’ll simply be able to take the electronics in without taking the whole gauge off of the tank!

Where Can You Purchase the Duo?

You can purchase the Duo on either our Smart Oil Gauge or FuelSnap websites. We have them listed at $199.00 at the current moment. They are currently the most accurate and reliable gauges that we have in our shop.

At the time of writing, the Duo listing says that it’s only available for indoor use. However, with the success of our beta-testing program and our testing from our office, we can safely say that the Smart Oil Gauge Duo can be used on outdoor tanks! The gauge’s cap will come in two parts. One part will be able to sit on top of the Duo and the other will have to tighten in on the sides.

If you don’t already have a Smart Oil Gauge Duo, I highly recommend you upgrade to one soon! They are accurate, reliable and durable and will give you the freedom of mind of knowing how many gallons are in your tank! Even after a fill.

Setting up and configuring the Duo is relatively the same compared to the original sensor! While some of the information listed here doesn’t apply to the Duo, a majority of the information in this post, definitely still apply! If you’ve got the gauge set up and need to install it, follow our Roth tank and steel tank installation tutorials!

Happy Heating,