What Gauge Should You Buy for Your Tank?

The most important part about having an oil tank, is knowing how many gallons of oil you have left in your tank. Most oil tanks usually come equipped with a float gauge. But, it’ll eventually be time to replace your oil tank gauge. In this article, we will discuss the most common fuel gauges: dip sticks, float gauges and the Smart Oil Gauge.


The simplest way to measure your oil level is with the dipstick. They measure how many inches of oil are in the tank. After you’ve gotten the inch amount, you will need to convert the level to gallons . This can be done by using either a tank calculator or a heating oil tank chart. While they are more often than not used on underground tanks, sometimes people like to use them for their standard oil tanks.

This is an example of an extendable yard stick that is often used to measure oil level within a tank. These are most commonly seen with underground tanks.

Fuel Tank Float Gauge

Another common gauge is the float gauge. Each oil tank comes equipped with a float gauge. They have a little bobber that will tell you what the oil level in the tank is like. However, the reading is only an estimate and is not the exact reading of what is actually within the tank.

Float gauges are a favorite amongst many. They have been around for several decades and have proven to be quite useful. However, over time these gauges in particular tend to have their bobber coated in sludge and oil over time. This can affect the readings which can possibly cause these gauges to be less accurate in the future. Due to this, these gauges need to be frequently taken out of the tank to be cleaned.

These gauges are both very common and very popular. Although it will only give you and approximate level. But they are still worthwhile tools.

The Smart Oil Gauge – WIFI Oil Sensor

The most modernized form of a heating oil gauge is the Smart Oil Gauge. This gauge in particular uses an ultra sonic sensor to accurately read the level of oil within your oil tank. The gauge’s sensor itself is very accurate.

However, one thing to note is that the sensor has an 8″ blind spot on the top of the tank. The blind spot itself only occurs after your tank has received an oil delivery and it normally clears up within 1-2 weeks of oil consumption. We have a bit more of an in-depth write up here.

The Smart Oil Gauge also has an app that corresponds with it! From the app, you can monitor your tank’s level and even order oil from it! The app also keeps track of your tank history! You can view your tank’s readings from the past year, month and week! The app will also send you alerts as to when you will need a delivery and when your tank is running low! If you’d like to get an idea of how installation for the Smart Oil Gauge goes, you can check out our Roth Tank and Steel tank installation tutorials!

The Smart Oil Gauge is one of the most versatile gauges available. You’re able to access it remotely via the app and order oil when you need it! You’ll also receive email and text notifications when you’re low on oil and need to order!

Conclusion: What is the Best Oil Tank Gauge?

Whilst comparing multiple tank gauges, we took the liberty of looking at four important factors. Those being Value, Accuracy, Remote Access and Ease of Use. The dip stick is the simplest to use and is the cheapest. We gave the float gauge a “2” for remote access. We did this because some people install WIFI cameras to keep an eye on their float gauge when they are away from home.

The Smart Oil Gauge has the most versatility and best combination of our desired four factors. We marked the float gauge second and the dip stick third.

Overall, the Smart Oil Gauge is the best heating oil tank monitor on the market. With an app that gives you up to date readings that also allows you to order oil whenever you need it is fantastic! You’re able to keep using your float alongside it which will make you more confident in how many gallons of oil are in your tank! You’re also always welcome to dip the stick into the tank to be sure!

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