How Much Heating Oil Will I Use During the Spring?

With Spring currently in full swing, you might find yourself using less and less oil during this season. With the warmer weather slowly making its way back to the northeast, you might be wondering how much oil would you be using consistently. In this post, I’ll be covering what you should expect for heating oil during the spring months until summer.

How Much Heating Oil Should I be Burning on Average?

During the spring, the average homeowner will only be burning around 2-3 gallons a day. However, this can depend on many different variables. For example, if you’re using heating oil for both hot water and heating, then you’ll use more oil than someone who is using it for only heating. If you’re like me, I use heating oil in my home for both hot water and heat. So my daily usage might be a bit more compared to someone who uses heating oil just for heat.

In the above graph, you’ll notice that the average daily usage changes depending on the size of the house and temperatures. These are some of the most important factors when it comes to how many gallons of oil you’ll use to heat your home.

Additionally, if you have a large home then you will by default burn more oil than someone with a smaller house. The square footage of your home will also determine how much oil you will be burning daily. For example, a home with a 1500 square footage will not be burning as much oil as a home that has a 2500 square footage.

Outside Temperature

The weather and temperature outside both play key and important factors in oil consumption. The temperature outside will determine if you decide to burn oil or not, as well as how much oil you are burning. During a hot summer day, you likely won’t be running your heat and will be using an air conditioner. However, sometimes spring nights can be a little chilly, so running your heat during these times isn’t unheard of. But, you probably won’t be burning a significant amount of oil.

Using Heating Oil For Heat and Hot Water

Most of the time, if your home has an oil-fired water heater, then you should most definitely be monitoring your oil level yearly. This is because even if you are not using heating oil for heat during the spring, you will still certainly be using it for hot water. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a hot shower? With heaters, you’ll be constantly using oil to keep the water in the house hot.

The average oil-fired water heater like the one shown above will usually use between a half a gallon and one gallon of heating oil per day for the average home. Doesn’t seem like a lot at first, but over time you’ll be burning through quite a bit of oil.

If you’re using heating oil for both hot water and heat, I recommend the Smart Oil Gauge. The gauge will help you read your tank’s oil level year round! It can track usage and oil level through our Smart Oil Gauge app! Simply just connect it to the internet and put in your tank information and you’ll be able to start reading the level from wherever you are! If you’re interest in learning more, check out our blog posts on the Smart Oil Gauge and the Smart Oil Gauge Duo.

What’s the Verdict?

How much oil you burn during the first few months of spring will ultimately depend on what you’re using it for and how big your house is. If you’re using your heating oil for hot water and to heat your home when it’s chilly, you might use 3-5 gallons a day. This might seem like a lot, but compared to the winter months where you’ll often burn anywhere from 8-10 gallons daily, 3-5 is nothing.

If you’re using your heat only when it’s a little too cold for a spring day, then you might only see 1-3 gallons a day. The same goes for hot water usage. If you’re only using your heat for hot water during the spring, you’ll only see

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